Our Principal - Mr. Wang
Gratitude and Expectation:

It¡¦s such a delighting thing to have the opportunity to serve here, as the principal in the Siou-Shuei Elementary School. Just like some wonderful proverb may tell, ¡§All that one may encounter got destined someday, somehow.¡¨ I shall be holding on my optimistic outlook on life, sharing this rare chance to learn, and to grow with all the people here, teachers or students.

All the people here, veteran teachers or not, inhabitants already for long or just for now, local or from other places ¡V we gather here under the name of education; let¡¦s do something for our school. I personally think, Siou-Shuei is a nice place for us to dedicate ourselves. Let¡¦s cast our everlasting light and heat on our students!

We can make this place our home, and love it as well. This school is our garden; we plant seeds of hope. I know, one day when we look back to the days we have gone through; we shall see on each one¡¦s face wonderful gratifying smile.

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